Zo and the Pizza

Pizza, pizza, pizza.
I seriously love a good pizza and I managed to make one this very day.

And now you are all wondering about the cheese.
But, but.. No cheese? NO CHEESE?!
Cheese IS pretty great.
But trust me on this one. This pizza is so rich that it will speak for itself.

To create this yummy, fabulous pizza… all you need is:
A bunch/small bag of spinach – garden fresh if you have it
Half a punnet of cherry tomatoes – the riper the better!
Marinated artichokes – from a jar or deli
Olives (as many as your heart desires) – of any kind – I used classic Kalamata olives
1 Bag of Bob’s Red Mills GF Wholegrain Mix Pizza Crust – or whatever pizza base you’d prefer
Mushies – I chose Portabello mushrooms, let’s face it, they are delish
Tomato paste – any brand, I use the trusty Coles brand
Fresh garlic – about 2 cloves, but depends on taste and the company you have planned for the rest of the day. P.s. You could always sub for pre-minced and slap a good dollop on.
Oregano – beautiful fresh or dried
Basil paste – found in refrigerated veggie section of supermarkets

Now you have all the ingredients/made your personal adjustments. Feel free to:
1. Fire up the oven to about 200-220C
2. Make pizza base as per instructions. Or, if pre-made go to step 3.
3. Lather base with tomato paste.
4. Crush garlic and flick sporadically.
5. Sprinkle oregano.
6. Cut up: baby tomatoes, mushies and olives. The artichokes I just sort of mushed in my fingers to break them into smaller versions of themselves and that seemed to work out well.
7. Arrange cut/mushed veggies on top “artfully”.
8. Fling in oven till almost eatable (about 10-15 mins).
9. Take out. Cram all the spinach of your dreams on top.
10. Shove back in the oven till dreamy spinach has wilted.
11. Engulf.


I love pizza A LOT. So expect some more topping combos coming your way!

I’d love to hear about your favourite type of pizza!

Zoe xo


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