Zo in a Brunch Daze

Is there anything more wonderful?
Breakfast and lunch together in harmony.
Now, that’s my idea of delicious.DSC01261DSC01262DSC01263  DSC01264DSC01267 DSC01266
As per usual, this meal involves tahini. And lots of it.
My lovely friend Jess bought me a new jar from Terra Madre. This place is THE bomb so go check it out if you ever get a chance!

To make said brunch, you need a few things:
Eggplant/aubergine – which has been sliced and chucked in a 180-200C oven, oiled/lemon juiced with a little salt/pepper. Cook till deliciously melty and soft
Tomatoes – Cherry, Roma, whichever you desire
Mushrooms – of the Portobello variety
Potatoes – whichever you fancy
And of course, Tahini.

Make it by:
1. Slice potatoes, tomatoes and mushies
2. Heat up a pan to a toasty medium-high
3. Throw potatoes in microwave if you want them to cook even faster, if not, fling them cold turkey into the olive oiled pan.
4. Once potatoes are looking all crispy, smelling divine and are at the point of edible, remove.
5. Gather tomatoes and mushrooms, slide joyfully into pan.
6. Once of the verge of singing they are done, brush the spinach in to join the mushroom and tomato party you have going on.
7. When wilted, rejoice and plate with a sliced lemon and lashings of tahini.
8. Go to town on this creation.

Hope you enjoy and have a lovely day!

Zoe xo


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