Park hangs (•ө•)♡

Naturally, after work, I am more than ready to rip open a tub of hummus and dig in with some crisp and salty items.
And so I did, with some bird friends.
DSC01448 DSC01454 DSC01452DSC01447
I love making my own hummus, but, in a pinch a bought tub is fine by me… and my gurgling stomach! I decided to have hummus², pairing the hummus dip with hummus chippies.
Magic combo.

I realized only after buying and eating these chips that they had whey/milk… So I won’t be repurchasing, but for all you that don’t mind, they are quite delicious!

Due to the chips engineered shape, they make a great vessel for filling and planting an olive in the middle, up-ing the delish factor.

The weather today was incredible! Cloudless, blue skies. Amazingly perfect for a date with my feathery friends.

Loving the warmth, keep it coming Mother Nature!

Zoe xo


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