Disappearing acts (ᵕ≀ ̠ᵕ )

Okay… So I pulled a Harry Potter and have been hibernating in my invisibility cloak from my blog.

But I’m back!
And aiming to be a little more consistent.
Famous last words, I know.

But I have a present for y’all out there.

One of my “recipes” (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


As per usual there is a lot of chucking in and mushing together of items.

You’ll want..
Approx. 5 frozen bananas – cut up into discs/coins (if you are rich)
A food processor to whiz up said bananas
Cacao because cacao is life – approx 2-4 tbsp
Cinnamon for anti-bacterial stuff and digestion
Buckwheat groats to get your morning groat on
1 or 2 mangoes or any other fruit

And you are pretty much set.
Woop woop.

Let’s make some banana nice cream.
1. Get bananas out of freezer.
2. Smash apart banana discs.
3. Chuck in food processor.
4. Whiz up, pulsing it for good 15 second bursts
5. Once broken up more, keep it flying round for minutes at a time.
6. At this point you may need to splash in some water. Don’t go cray, put in a few tbsps at most.
7. Once smooth, dust in cacao and cinnamon.
8. Do a final whiz.
9. Chop up your mango.
10. Smother groaty goodness on.
11. Devour. Spoon optional. ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

Love, the no longer invisible Zoe


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