(V●ᴥ●V) Park Larks

IMG_0237I never quite knew what was going to happen when I took a stroll with Ned.
And this day was definitely one of those days.


Three beauties.


They decided to venture into the usually very quiet first “paddock”, catching both dog and human quite off guard (in the best way possible).

These beautiful ladies must have stirred up the trees with their flouncing about, for there was a rush of wings and a cacophony of shrieks from what seemed to be a thousand cockatoos.
They seemed to of burst from the eucalyptus above us.


Along the way, team human and dog saw the humble beginnings of the wild blackberries, which lusciously line the entrance along the majority of our walking paths. IMG_0230
The bees especially were enjoying the burst of flowering berries, humming from flower to flower, covering themselves in bright golden pollen.IMG_0233

Cannot wait to be guzzling down these wild berries!

Zoe xo


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