Loving you: Shaping our body image. ♪┌|∵|┘♪

I believe all things in this life have the ability to shape us.

However, I also firmly believe we are extremely powerful men and women.

We are women and men who are more than strong enough to re-shape our belief system, values and body image.

When it comes to self-love, we must first respect our minds.

Imagine our minds are like a pond. It flows very gently, in swirling patterns of aqua blues and emerald greens. The frogs and fish all live in harmony with one another until a singular stone is thrown, causing a ripple effect.

Listening to this Mac Demarco track above helped to remind me of who I really needed to protect through writing this post.

Our innocent, impressionable, younger selves.

What would you say to your younger self?

I’d tell my younger self that she could wear jeans.
To embrace her lovely curves!
That it didn’t matter how many times she changed her outfit, that she was still so beautiful, inside and out.
I’d encourage her to really listen to her body. To eat. To sing. To dance. To write. To make art.
That it didn’t matter that she felt different to everyone else.
That one day she’d understand why she was.

I would dive into her mind and fight off every last insecurity she had about her body.

Too tall? Perfect for climbing trees.
Too broad? You can swim for miles.
Smiled too much? Your smile lets your soul shine!
Smiled not enough? Let your emotions run their course.
Not thin enough? The scales don’t measure your intelligence, funniness or beauty.
Too thin? Food is necessary for your mind and body to work properly. Treat your body like a temple and you’ll glow.

She would know she was worthy. That she was loved by the only person who she would have listened to back then.


Words and experiences have a way of creeping up on us, resulting in the views we’ve developed of ourselves. Their pliable coils wrapping around our bodies and carving into us as if we were made from soft terracotta clay.

However, clay is malleable.

Our nicks can be smoothed over, the cracks resealed, and faded colours are celebrated with brightly painted glaze, painted anew on our clay skin.

We hold the power to heal.

We hold the power to re-mold our self image.

We are powerful.

Until next time,
I’m sending you all happiness, my strength and love

Zoe xo


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