Make art: A blissful series on creativity.


Art is pure, blissfully simple.

Art is non-judgemental and kind.

Art is a breathing entity with a heartbeat.

Art is me.

I see art as this beautiful sparkling liquid which ebbs and flows in the atmosphere.

It floods each corner of the room with interpretations of self, our surrounds and has the innate ability to challenge us.

It can twist our perspective 360 degrees, fry our morals and flip our hearts inside out.

A somewhat ethereal way to think; however, we cannot deny that there’s an element of art which is purely intangible.

Our fingers may trace the canvas, and perceive the spectrum of colours before us, but there’s something we can never touch in a work of art… Such as the artist’s true intention, or their mindset and reel of emotions caught in the oil painted brush strokes.

I believe each person is an artist in their own right.

Personally, creativity flows express from my soul in brilliant a silver, shimmering lustfully underwater.

It captures deepsea creatures attention, luring them into my web of desire and dangerous art.

All in all Y’all, I just want to paint all day, play with clay and bake in the morning sun writing poetry and quirky stories.

In this series, we’re seriously going to get our creative orange juices a-flowin’.

Every first Sunday of the month, I’ll feature a type of art we can try together.

Stay tuned next month for the first “Make art” post in this series!

Until next time my muses,
Zoe xo


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