The disappearance of mountain views.

As I drive towards the steep slope, my eyes brim with hope.

Now setting, the warm sun sends a ray of golden light directly into my right eye.

Squinting, I slap the visor down to shield my face from it’s playful glare.

My heart beats with anticipation as I climb closer to the top.

The trees thin as I continue onward towards the apex, tambourine heart deafening as I slow to a crawl.

My wheels roll over and I’m on top.

I savor the moment.

Bright eyes bubble, overcome with raw aesthetic lust.

A soft, bluish haze dusts the irregular silhouette of the ranges, softening its jagged edges.

Peach, apricot and pale lemon tones melt into the haze below, before dissolving back into the clouds above.

Energy is pulses throughout my body, fuelling this lightweight, excitable feeling.

Reluctantly rolling over, I begin my descent.

It lasts for half a click; bushes and shrubs spring to fill empty spaces and a giant hare seemingly watches me drive past.

Eucalyptus tower, spreading long darkened fingers onto the hardened black river.

Trees thicken, cloaking my blissful view until it’s completely vanished.

I lower my speed and refocus my eyes on the curves ahead.

Tambourine heart simmering to a mere jingling sigh, I bend around them with automatic arms.

“See you tomorrow,” I softly say to the mountains, “I’ll retrace your silhouette in my dreams.”



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