The wind changed… And so is Blonde in Flares… :0

Hello hello, my beautiful biffy babes!

First of all happy bloody new year mates! I hope you welcomed the new year in your favourite way (mine is being a hermit whilst watching “Dinner for One” on SBS its vvvv funny 10/10 would recommend).

Okay okay, I better explain what’s going on before you start sobbing a BIG salty lake for your fave biffy blog (and very slack writer 😅).

I decided a new year calls for a new direction… So the site will be changing up!

I’m very excited to able to announce that I’m venturing into the world of making DIY tutorials 😀

I love to DIY.

Like… A LOT.

I love reading DIYs, watching DIYs and making DIYs!

So it kind of makes sense to start creating DIYs here at B.I.F HQ.

Once a month you can expect to receive some cool new biffy content in your inbox like fun DIYs, as well as my usual tall stories.

Stay tuned homies as the very first tutorial is being crafted as you read!

I’d love to hear all of your thoughts, comments, dreams, and wishes in the comment section below.

Until next time,
Zoe xo


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