BIF (Blonde in Flares) ft. Ned the Dog

Hey there!

I’m Zoe.

I’m an Aussie girl who finds herself in a struggle against working/studying and the ever so nagging feeling to pull a Zac Efron and break free. Creatively of course. Into a writing, sewing, drawing frenzy or any other form of distracting creative bliss. Hence the birth of Blonde in Flares.

This blog has been a twinkle in my eye for some time now and it is so great that I have finally been able to just do it!

Fashion has been a life long love of mine and I just can’t quite get enough of it. I am also an avid art appreciator, on the street or in a gallery, I will be in awe every time.

I might also happen to be a recipe monster. And by recipe monster I mean hoarder. Haha.

Animals, it is fair to say, they make my day, every day. Be it cat, dog, fish, rabbit, horse or any other being, they bring an instant smile to my face.

To get to know me a little more and have a read of my first blog post!

Liked anything so far? Feel free to chat with me!

Zoe xox


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