70’s Chinese Restaurant Dress o(〃^▽^〃)o

My grandparents love Chinese food.
However, we always end up going to the Chinese restaurant which has managed not only to keep it’s clientele from the 70’s but keep the same classic menu.

And I absolutely love that fact. ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

Truth be told, I love the fact so much, I decided play on it. Wearing a dress which would match the quintessential menu, yet not offend the mind with an explosion of outrageous flashbacks involving burnt orange carpets, giant collars and too many Tequila Sunrises.

12190598_10153711961789082_1855076918_o (2)12197500_10153711962164082_1568635181_o12190757_10153711958854082_109913763_oIt has to be one of my most wearable dresses of my vintage collection.
Super cute florals in a teal green hue, with a neck tie.

Tie me up and send me to heaven.

To make it a little country, I paired it with some real Texan boots ( Thanks Dad ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑) )

And that’s it.

My kind of outfit.

Zoe xo


(V●ᴥ●V) Park Larks

IMG_0237I never quite knew what was going to happen when I took a stroll with Ned.
And this day was definitely one of those days.


Three beauties.


They decided to venture into the usually very quiet first “paddock”, catching both dog and human quite off guard (in the best way possible).

These beautiful ladies must have stirred up the trees with their flouncing about, for there was a rush of wings and a cacophony of shrieks from what seemed to be a thousand cockatoos.
They seemed to of burst from the eucalyptus above us.


Along the way, team human and dog saw the humble beginnings of the wild blackberries, which lusciously line the entrance along the majority of our walking paths. IMG_0230
The bees especially were enjoying the burst of flowering berries, humming from flower to flower, covering themselves in bright golden pollen.IMG_0233

Cannot wait to be guzzling down these wild berries!

Zoe xo

Fragile butterfly friends (▰˘◡˘▰)

Walking by the river is always eventful, bursting with flora and fauna of all kinds.
The warmth of these beautiful summer days have brought out many, many floating objects. One, including butterflies.

I met this little lady today.
A female Banks Brown butterfly a.k.a. Heteronympha banksii banksii 

She was particularly friendly, floating on over to me, posing for photos #model


Bank’s Brown butterflies normally inhabit open forests, rain forests and forested slopes on the ranges. Which makes sense, as the larvae feeds on various species of grasses. 

If you live in south east Queensland, eastern New South Wales and eastern half of Victoria, you’ll more than likely catch a glimpse of one of these friendly fellows at your local river, floating along and being models.
I hope I’m lucky enough to meet a few more floating creatures along my way.
I’ll keep you posted!

Zoe xo

Disappearing acts (ᵕ≀ ̠ᵕ )

Okay… So I pulled a Harry Potter and have been hibernating in my invisibility cloak from my blog.

But I’m back!
And aiming to be a little more consistent.
Famous last words, I know.

But I have a present for y’all out there.

One of my “recipes” (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


As per usual there is a lot of chucking in and mushing together of items.

You’ll want..
Approx. 5 frozen bananas – cut up into discs/coins (if you are rich)
A food processor to whiz up said bananas
Cacao because cacao is life – approx 2-4 tbsp
Cinnamon for anti-bacterial stuff and digestion
Buckwheat groats to get your morning groat on
1 or 2 mangoes or any other fruit

And you are pretty much set.
Woop woop.

Let’s make some banana nice cream.
1. Get bananas out of freezer.
2. Smash apart banana discs.
3. Chuck in food processor.
4. Whiz up, pulsing it for good 15 second bursts
5. Once broken up more, keep it flying round for minutes at a time.
6. At this point you may need to splash in some water. Don’t go cray, put in a few tbsps at most.
7. Once smooth, dust in cacao and cinnamon.
8. Do a final whiz.
9. Chop up your mango.
10. Smother groaty goodness on.
11. Devour. Spoon optional. ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

Love, the no longer invisible Zoe

ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Please Meet Ned. Aliases: Nedo. The Nedsta. Pupperoni etc.

Ned has popped up on my blog every now and then, so I have decided to dedicate a post to him! (Let’s face it, he’s vair cute) ▽・ェ・▽ノ”


Please meet Ned.
Our family dog of at least 10 years.

Daytime – Old Man
By nightfall – Wizard

We went to the park today, seeing an array of fauna and flora which Ned tends to rub lovingly after swimming. He’s a old soul, who is wise and kind with a grey beard to match!

Ned is often called Pizza Boy, as we actually found him getting pizza one night. Pretty self explanatory. It is unsure who found the ad but none the less, the ad was found.
One black Labrador.
Needing home.
Beanbag bed included.

We thought, any dog who sleeps in a beanbag has definitely got to be helped out.

So we did.

Zoe xo

Resurfacing + 70’s Vibin’ ᵔᴥᵔ

Sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth, Sinbad style.
I have been Instagraming though, as it was the only platform I had time for. My taskmaster called “university” was forever knawing at me.
It’s all done now (yay!)
SO, a lot of wine has been drunk.

In celebration, here’s a simple but cute outfit (woo!)
12204320_10153711954149082_583417518_o 12197311_10153711956189082_979861482_o 12197079_10153711952199082_2115470397_o12190253_10153711956259082_916197046_o
I am in love with this cardi!
It reminds me of Mork’s suspenders, which is a great thing in my books.
I coupled it with my outfit repeating A-line maxi skirt and a borrowed pair of Birkenstocks (thanks Jess (‐^▽^‐))

I wear this when I want to feel a bit colourful, but is also great for the ever changing weather of Melbourne.

See you soon, promise I won’t be gone as long!

Zoe xo

Park hangs (•ө•)♡

Naturally, after work, I am more than ready to rip open a tub of hummus and dig in with some crisp and salty items.
And so I did, with some bird friends.
DSC01448 DSC01454 DSC01452DSC01447
I love making my own hummus, but, in a pinch a bought tub is fine by me… and my gurgling stomach! I decided to have hummus², pairing the hummus dip with hummus chippies.
Magic combo.

I realized only after buying and eating these chips that they had whey/milk… So I won’t be repurchasing, but for all you that don’t mind, they are quite delicious!

Due to the chips engineered shape, they make a great vessel for filling and planting an olive in the middle, up-ing the delish factor.

The weather today was incredible! Cloudless, blue skies. Amazingly perfect for a date with my feathery friends.

Loving the warmth, keep it coming Mother Nature!

Zoe xo

In Between Two Seasons

12082158_10153653407124082_1705428642_o 12062943_10153653407299082_1628886860_o 12062917_10153653407779082_2119181000_o 12059488_10153653407704082_1525318729_o 12076636_10153653407804082_860016126_o
12059226_10153653407819082_21374201_oThis is such a random outfit.
I know.
But I kinda like it.

Seeing as Melbourne normally cannot make up it’s mind about the weather, I like to come prepared for sun rays and cool winds, hence the turtleneck and crochet action I have going on.

My dad was kind enough to loan me his amazing, fully fledged American boots which go perfectly with any 70’s looking assumable.

The skirt is a classic A-line flare maxi length and will feature in many outfits to come I am sure!

I hope Spring keeps springing and bringing the warmer temps!

Zoe xo

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Sorted Zo Style

As you could see from my CERES box post, I have A LOT of food to nom through.
And seeing as this two person box is just for me, I thought I better get making and eating!

As per usual, my “recipes” don’t involve a lot of effort because uni is usually pretty hectic.
Naturally, toast is normally a go to.

DSC01429To slap together, all you need is:
-Avocado – about half or more if you are enthusiastic
-A little splash of olive oil
-A squeeze of lemon juice
-Salt and pepper

1. Turn bread into toast.
2. Slather, pour, squeeze and crack all other ingreds on top.
3. Sprinkle on herby berbs (parsley in my case) and eat up!

Mmmm. I seriously love a good chip.
Potatoes are just so incredibly tasty I want to eat them all up!
At the moment, I have some “surprise” potatoes growing in my garden along side my other little veggie babies which is super exciting ~(˘▾˘~) !

As a kid I would always help mum out in the kitchen and whenever we were cutting up potatoes, which had little growths shooting out of them, we would cut them off. What my mum didn’t know was, I used to save them and go dig them into the garden super stealthy, in hope of growing some new yummy friends.
I always loved the look of suspicious surprise on my parents faces a couple of months later when there were mysterious green shoots sprouting from the ground. They thanked me later because potatoes are delicious. And they were free.
Gold childhood moments, my friends.

DSC01439 DSC01440
Today’s lunch consisted of a pile of crispy, golden potatoes with an abundance of green things. I decided to get all arty and try some of my nasturtiums.
They taste like they look. Pretty beautiful.

I can tell you are looking at the mound on my plate thinking… Did you really eat all of that?! Yes, yes I did.
I am a hungry, hungry hippo/have a teenage boy appetite pretty much 100% of the time.

Potatoes – I used 3-4 small/medium with skin on, because extra crunchiness
Lettuce – I mixed it up with some fancy lettuce and an entire cos lettuce
Sauce – whichever you love, I’m a bit of a classic tomato saucer
Olive oil – just a small driz goes a long way
Salt and pepper – to taste, I love pepper so I crack it on there hardcore.

1. Preheat oven to around 210-220 C.
2. Cut chippies up, fling in a pan, drizzle with olive oil, dance and crack pepper/salt on.
3. Put in ov and wait patiently.. With a bib, because drooling may occur.
4. Grab out of oven gleefully and pour onto plate.
5. Add assortment of eating friends a.k.a lettuce, sauce etc.
6. Dig in!

I like to make large batches of things, especially dinners as I they will normally become my lunch the next day or days in this case. Woo, two in one.
Today I made a massaged kale, beany/lentily salad.
Have you ever massaged some kale? It’s sort of a fun experience.
DSC01433 DSC01434
On the cards for this salad was some lovely citrus in the form a mandarin… but once I had tried a piece there was no stopping. It was just too juicy not eat right there and then.
Feel free to add some if you can resist!

I recently purchased some new olive oil by Squeaky Gate. They are a super cute company so go check them out! Seriously, best Australian owned, non-market olive oil to date.

Make it:
1 bunch of kale
Lemons – I used one but more is always ideal, the lemonier the better!
1 can cannellini beans but chickpeas would also be fab ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1 can lentils – brown is fun
Olive oil
Citrus – orange or mandies

1. Massage said kale with a little oil and enjoy it.
2. Drain and wash beans till the foaminess is gone. This = less gas = more friends
3. Pour into container.
4. Trickle lemon juice, crack on pepper.
5. Nom

Spring is abundant and it’s only just begun.
Bring it on Mother Nature you beautiful legend!

Zoe xo

Fruit and Veg Box Goals Achieved

If you haven’t noticed…
I’m a MAJOR fruit and veg fan.
Like, Zoe+fruit+veg 4 life kind of fan.
I am that excited today, I almost have no words.
DSC01404 DSC01405 DSC01406 DSC01409 DSC01408
I recently decided to try out CERES fair food organic box delivery service.
Long name.
Easy service.
Life changed forever.

I can hand over heart say, I just had one of the most amazing oranges and mandarins I have ever tasted.. ever.

CERES boxes are filled with an abundance of seasonal, gorgeously fresh, organic, locally grown produce.. And a student like me can afford it?!

In an effort to try and get sustainable, support our Aussie farmers and companies like CERES (a non-for-profit company), I thought, why not?
I tried out this box, because who doesn’t want good gut health? 100% recommend.

For all you Melbournites, have a look! If you would like to learn more, visit the website! I guarantee you some amazing quality fruit and veggies that will certainly make you one happy little bean. ♥‿♥

Hope you have beautiful veggie filled days!

Zoe xo