Give It To Me Straight and Flared

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I wanted to make an effort to blend in today.. to my garden. So I choose a dress with flowers on it. High five self.

I have a lot of love for this dress.
It has just the right amount of print verses block colouring happening.
The sleeves are super disco diva.
The cut is great.
There is a party going on in the front AND the back.
And I decided to go full hippy and bare foot it around the place. I found that moss is pleasantly cooling and soft underfoot. So go find some moss. You’ll thank me.

Spring is one of my favourite months.
It brings along with it babies of all kinds, perfect temps and warm sun rays to bask in.
Everything is so colourful and blooming, the flowers almost beam at you with joy.

Naturally, maxi dresses are totally a go to in my wardrobe.
They are unconstricting and totally fab.
Just what a girl wants.

I’m off to the park now to see some pigeons and lay on the blades of grass.

Zoe xo


Musical Vibrations

I must admit something.
I’m a music flirt. I feel like many of us are.
I manage to be swayed this way and that, jumping genre to genre.
Wanting to know the name of that song. The one that makes my feet and hips sway.

Music Go-to’s
There are way too many to mention them all, but I’ll reel a few off the top of my head…

My Super Young Years
Armed with a CD, normally either:
a) borrowed from a library
b) a hand-me-down
c) bought with what measly savings I had

I always used to lay by my CD player, ear pressed to speaker, replaying every song on the disc, a copious amount of times, until I learnt their lyrics. I always wondered if they’d scraped off from playing too much.
Every so often, I’d turn on the radio, waiting through the adverts and bumph, for that one goose bump inducing song.

Delta Goodrem – Delta may not have made my spine tingle, but my teen years were definitely filled with Innocent Eyes and Delta’s self titled album. I was a super big fan. Love you Delta.

Destiny’s Child – No explanation needed. They had an awesome sound, were so cool and were total babes. Still are, let’s face it.

Barbie Pool Party Mix – If you’ve never heard of this CD mix, then you should. Just for kicks.
I was young and naive. Plus my dad bought it for me. AND there were also some classic hits on there too… Saddle Club ‘Hello World’ theme song anyone?

Hilary Duff – All round love for Hilary! I mean, who didn’t love Lizzie McGuire?

Lady Gaga – One of my favourite artists. So talented. Major fan girl moments when seeing her live too. She kills it.

I also had a bit of a thing for Jazz, like full on piano/sax Jazz? This was one of my favourite CDs to lie down, ear to speaker, and listen to. Don’t ask me why.

Newer Introductions
Mac Demarco – Introduced to me via my friend Jess and never looked back. 100% my favourite artist. I can happily sit, writing and listen to an entire album an endless amount of times. And when I haven’t listened to him for a while and play a song, it’s like hearing him for the first time and I fall in love all over again.

Ball Park Music – Classic alternative jam.

The Strokes – These guys have a super cool sound. I find myself being all pumped and giggly when rocking out their stuff. This is my favourite alb.

tumblr_ntvqm1IldU1qfhis6o8_250 tumblr_ntvqm1IldU1qfhis6o9_250
I’m a bit of a country bumpkin sometimes. And, so, I would love to dedicate a part of this post to Mumford and Sons. Yes. That beautiful sound made with the banjo among other instruments. Also, they get so into it on stage, which is ridiculously cute.

The Doors – Classic. Jim killing me with every word.

The Beatles – Need I bother?

Aretha Franklin – RESPECT. + Outfit goals

So much artistry, so little time.

Zoe xo

Flu For Days

DSC01356The flu.
It always catches up with me eventually…

As per usual when the dreaded flu strikes, my google search tends to end up looking a little like this:
-Why is my throat dry?
Thought: Oh no.
-Natural remedies for dry throat
-Natural remedies for flu
-Natural remedies for battling flu
-Natural remedies for conquering all evil and flu

Okay, so the last one is a little bit exaggerated…. but this is how I end up feeling.

I usually come up with a flavourful something to soothe me and this is what I created…

Healing goodies:
DSC01366DSC01363Fresh Ginger…
>muscle pain and soreness
>fighting infections
-Anti-Inflammatory qualities

Fresh Turmeric…
-Contains this little guy called “Curcumin’s antioxidant”, which may have an anti-tumor effect. Always a plus.
-May help lower cholesterol
-Helps reduce the flare-up of bacterial and viral infections. Yay!
-Aids indigestion
-Improves glucose control

-Rich in the big Vit C which promotes healing. Woo
-Skin repairing and anti-aging. Double woo!
-Alkalizing. Lemons help restore your pH levels.
-Gives you a lovely smelling mouth due to the lemons antiseptic qualities. A.k.a Natures Dettol.
-Cleansing.. In all aspects.

-Your skin loves it. Dehydration = dry and wrinkly. Think prunes people.
-Boosts metabolism.
-Aids digestion
-Mood and energy booster
-Our kidneys love it
-Sounds soothing.. ?
-Linked to heart health!

FYI you don’t even need to be ill to feel its boosting powers!

Go do it!
1. Fill cute glass bottle with H2O.
2. Cut lemon, aim and squeeze into said cute bottle. You may need a handy dandy funnel to help you out if the neck of the bottle is on the narrow side.
3. Slice off skin from turmeric and ginger, exposing however much of their beauty beneath you’d like.
4. Collect up the lemon, turmeric and ginger, and micro-plane/grate away, into the top of the bottle.
5. Give the mix a good shake.
6. Drink up and I am sending you wellness vibes.

Some other things that may help…
-Warm salty water gargle. Your mum is right. It removes the baddies. Just do it.
-Rest up! Some people love it, others not so much.
-Sunshine and doves. Vitamin D is a marvey healer my friends. Doves just make me happy.
-Fresh air. Breathe in and out. Does wonders.
-Miso soup. Is a complete protein source and restores the beneficial probiotics which should be floating about in your intestines. Nuff said.
-I also like to visit my parents, but that’s just me.

See you on the up and up!

Zoe xo

Zo is Bananas for Strawberries (♡´౪`♡)

Today was rather delightful, so I was able to whip out one of my favourite dresses (thanks dad!) and enjoy this very thought of smoothie on my back step.

DSC01350 DSC01348 DSC01347 DSC01338

Do you ever just get a hankering for something?
Like, every time you go to eat something, that’s all you want?
Well I reeeeeally wanted a banana smoothie.
I had FULL ON banana smoothie cravings.
And I was all out of bananas.
Such a sad state of affairs.
I know.

This was until I actually dragged my sorry banana-less butt to the green grocer.

Now I actually have the bananas I so desperately craved, they were about to be smoothified.

Into a blender:
BANANAS – key ingredient and so delicious
Almond milk – I found this really yummy organic one in Woolies. It has the least amount of gross things put in it I could find at the time.
Strawberries – I thought, hey, what the heck, I might as well throw in a dozen strawberries while I’m at it.
Ice – if you are feeling the heat

1. Chuck in
2. Blend.
3. Congrats. Drink up!

Hope the weather is beautiful wherever you are!

Zoe xo

First Little Spinach-ies!

I was so excited when I went out into the garden today!
I have been waiting very patiently for my little veggie friends to grow to an edible size.DSC01333
I was able to pick only a small handful of baby spinach leaves, but I am proud of my little plant babies!
They will continue their growing efforts, I am sure.

These little guys were eaten up very quickly on a beautiful lunchtime sandwich full of roasted capsicum and eggplant, lettuce and beet burgers (courtesy of my lovely mum) which were enjoyed in the glorious sun.

Zoe xo

Zo in Strawberry Fields

DSC01329DSC01330DSC01331   DSC01332 Strawberries….

What can I say? They taste good in and on EVERYTHING.
Hence, strawberries on toast.

Strawberries – however many you would like? Homegrown are amazing, but for us mere mortals supermarket/farmers market bought are fab too!
Bread – I use GF because my body rejects all things wheat, but feel free to use normal (ᵔᴥᵔ)
Tahini – yes, again
Pepitas – go iron and magnesium !
Cinnamon – (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) I love it and also is a miracle spice

1. Toast bread by whatever means, I use my trusty toaster.
2. Once sprung from toaster, check if toasty enough. If not, re-toast.
3. Toasted toast then must be vigorously slathered with tahini.
4. Cut up strawberries.
5. Arrange artfully or slap them on if really hungry.
6. Sprinkle on pepitas and cinnamon.
7. Eaaaat!

Enjoy my flare-y friends ~(˘▾˘~)

Zoe xo

Zo in a Brunch Daze

Is there anything more wonderful?
Breakfast and lunch together in harmony.
Now, that’s my idea of delicious.DSC01261DSC01262DSC01263  DSC01264DSC01267 DSC01266
As per usual, this meal involves tahini. And lots of it.
My lovely friend Jess bought me a new jar from Terra Madre. This place is THE bomb so go check it out if you ever get a chance!

To make said brunch, you need a few things:
Eggplant/aubergine – which has been sliced and chucked in a 180-200C oven, oiled/lemon juiced with a little salt/pepper. Cook till deliciously melty and soft
Tomatoes – Cherry, Roma, whichever you desire
Mushrooms – of the Portobello variety
Potatoes – whichever you fancy
And of course, Tahini.

Make it by:
1. Slice potatoes, tomatoes and mushies
2. Heat up a pan to a toasty medium-high
3. Throw potatoes in microwave if you want them to cook even faster, if not, fling them cold turkey into the olive oiled pan.
4. Once potatoes are looking all crispy, smelling divine and are at the point of edible, remove.
5. Gather tomatoes and mushrooms, slide joyfully into pan.
6. Once of the verge of singing they are done, brush the spinach in to join the mushroom and tomato party you have going on.
7. When wilted, rejoice and plate with a sliced lemon and lashings of tahini.
8. Go to town on this creation.

Hope you enjoy and have a lovely day!

Zoe xo

Frilled, Floral and Flared

One glimmer was all it took.
A single sleeve was popping out of the crammed dress rack and I knew there was no going back.
SO I bought it home with me. And now we are the best of friends.
The end.

I was feeling extra frivolous today, thus out came one of my more intense outfits.

I feel like a 70’s queen.

In a vague effort to blend into society, I like to pair this dreamy dress with a long coat. This is one of my go-to coats for cold spells and winter breezes.
I wore boots as per normal, Chelsea and fading.

Have a fab rest of your Saturday!

Zoe xo

Girls and Dogs Alike Revel in the Sun

Today, I thought, was a great day to lark about in the glory of the Sun God Ra.
And so I did.
With my lovely dog Ned.
11949684_872323936155055_644167083_n 11949791_872323582821757_1509071406_n11911696_872323339488448_2131063026_n One of my outfits I find myself repeating lately is this one.

During one of my thrifting sessions, I came across this little gem. I LOVE embroidery and this shirt is covered with it. The sleeves are semi flared which are a bonus, while it shouts a cool Mexican design, making me love it to pieces even more.

I tucked it into my all time favourite maxi skirt which I found recently at a Yesteryear sale. It has a 70’s vibe about it and boasts a giant twirl radius which helps gather attention from passing boys. Double bonus.

The boots are just your standard pull on Chelsea, now scuffed and slightly dented.
So rustic. So chic.

Have a favourite outfit of late? I’d love to hear about it!

Zoe xo

Zo and the Pizza

Pizza, pizza, pizza.
I seriously love a good pizza and I managed to make one this very day.

And now you are all wondering about the cheese.
But, but.. No cheese? NO CHEESE?!
Cheese IS pretty great.
But trust me on this one. This pizza is so rich that it will speak for itself.

To create this yummy, fabulous pizza… all you need is:
A bunch/small bag of spinach – garden fresh if you have it
Half a punnet of cherry tomatoes – the riper the better!
Marinated artichokes – from a jar or deli
Olives (as many as your heart desires) – of any kind – I used classic Kalamata olives
1 Bag of Bob’s Red Mills GF Wholegrain Mix Pizza Crust – or whatever pizza base you’d prefer
Mushies – I chose Portabello mushrooms, let’s face it, they are delish
Tomato paste – any brand, I use the trusty Coles brand
Fresh garlic – about 2 cloves, but depends on taste and the company you have planned for the rest of the day. P.s. You could always sub for pre-minced and slap a good dollop on.
Oregano – beautiful fresh or dried
Basil paste – found in refrigerated veggie section of supermarkets

Now you have all the ingredients/made your personal adjustments. Feel free to:
1. Fire up the oven to about 200-220C
2. Make pizza base as per instructions. Or, if pre-made go to step 3.
3. Lather base with tomato paste.
4. Crush garlic and flick sporadically.
5. Sprinkle oregano.
6. Cut up: baby tomatoes, mushies and olives. The artichokes I just sort of mushed in my fingers to break them into smaller versions of themselves and that seemed to work out well.
7. Arrange cut/mushed veggies on top “artfully”.
8. Fling in oven till almost eatable (about 10-15 mins).
9. Take out. Cram all the spinach of your dreams on top.
10. Shove back in the oven till dreamy spinach has wilted.
11. Engulf.


I love pizza A LOT. So expect some more topping combos coming your way!

I’d love to hear about your favourite type of pizza!

Zoe xo