Loving you: Balancing on a tightrope.

I’ve always envisioned self-love as an invisible artistry.

Gratitude is the pencil you carve.

Meditation the blank canvas to sketch your far-reaching ideas upon.

Kindness forms the acrylic paint you dive into headfirst.
Your open hands release bright pigments, brushing sincere fingers against the stretched calico.

Self-care frames the entirety of your actions, the artwork itself.
It baths in a golden lacquer, rich sunlight beaming onto your loved one’s faces.

It’s within this framework we can show compassion for ourselves.

It’s okay to put yourself first.

“Avert your eyes!” my mind would have said, “You are not important in the equation“.

Aversion gains this heroine status in our minds, especially if we experience an immense sense of guilt.

But, we can negate this.

Remember that placing yourself above all others isn’t selfish, it’s a tightrope act.

We have to enable our ability to strike a balance between selflessness and selfishness.

As difficult as this sounds, I found asking this one question helps.

Who am I doing this for?

If the answer isn’t you, weigh up why you are doing it against what you’d be doing for yourself instead.

If what you would be doing is more significant, give yourself that freedom to explore the ‘what if’.

Self-care gives us freedom of belief; a belief in our own importance.

Next time you ponder giving your whole day away, bear in mind this:

You are just as important as the ones you care about most

Until next my best B.I.F buds,

Keep it real and take care of yourself first!

Zoe xo


2 thoughts on “Loving you: Balancing on a tightrope.

    1. Thanks Logan!
      I’m ecstatic that we’re on the same level haha.
      Self love and care is so so important when it comes to not only looking after ourselves but the ones we love too. ❤️❤️
      Keep it kind!
      Zoe x

      Liked by 1 person

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