Full moon manifestations: The blood moon.

Hello hello my biffy mates!

I’ve been such a hot mess lately.


If I was a fish, I’d probably be a flounder.

Floundering aside, I thought what better way to debut back into the world of writing than with a full moon manifestation.

This blood moon was my golden opportunity!

Harnessing the moons energies, I went to a bar, ordered the house red, pulled out a notebook and started to write.

Warm and slightly buzzed, I began to think deeply about what I was doing, and how far that was from my goals.

Where I am.

  • Majorly out of balance
  • Stressed and tired
  • Insomniac half the week
  • Directionless


  • Get loose once a week. Cheese, wine, bread. Share them with someone I love.
  • Lay in the sun, a book in hand and something to write in just incase.
  • Try visiting the local jazz bar on a Friday. Bring along a book, journal and pens.
  • Forgive and place the labels others have stuck to you in a box, and look to the stars for guidance, rather than science.
  • Read more books. Detox from games and screens.
  • Pay attention to what you want.
  • Listen to your body and what it wants. Be it food, water or exercise. Really listen.
  • Focus on creating a comfortable space at home again.
  • Start writing again 💗.
  • Find tools to help create balance. Meditation, yoga, walks, 1-2 day split of work and play.

Let this blood moon be your opportunity to decipher your hearts needs and to find what is missing in your life.

I’d love to hear your manifestations in the comments!

Until next time my bella and bello fellows,
Zoe xo


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