Out of the woods and back again. (TW)


Not my usual topic of self-love and care, but bear with me.

*Deep breath*

I’ve lived with major depression for about ten years.

Swaying to this melancholic tango, you can lose your sense of self and the little pieces that make you who you are.

It’s as if your memories were written in secret, the years having forgotten the stories.

Stories of a girl dreaming giant, starry dreams of who she’d be, where she’d go and who she’d love.


I’m sitting here, warm drink in hand, smiling at how the hot ceramic toasts my chilled fingertips.

Each day, the smallest of pleasures are shown deep gratitude.

  • Warm sun on my skin
  • Soft furry cat pats
  • Singing in the shower
  • Crunchy fresh bread
  • The feeling of my hands in the dirt
  • The rushing sounds of the river
  • Snapping twigs underfoot
  • Yoga stretching
  • Peppery green salads

It centers me, shifting my focus to the present.


I’ve slowly untied my conjoined shoelaces, as not to keep tripping each time I take a step forward.

This is difficult, I know.

Just have faith in the fact that this is only a moment.

Moments pass.


A few sources which continue to help me stay out of the woods are:

  • Headspace (app) –> I use Headspace daily before bed. Helps with my insomnia.
  • Pacifica–> a wellness app for anxiety and depression which tracks your health, thoughts/goals, and progress. It also gives you various methods of relaxation to try out.
  • CCI (website)–> Centre of Clinical Intervention has a really great self-help section covering varying topics from depression to self-compassion.
  • Yoga–> Yoga has saved my life in many ways. It’s a really important part of my life. Exercise does amazing things for depression and anxiety. Get those endorphins pumping!
  • Progressive muscle relaxation (PDF)–> Also really useful for insomnia and stress.
  • Acupressure–> Really great for relieving stress and pain. This link is to a fun combination of yoga and acupressure called acu-yoga.
  • Spotify–> Music surrounds me daily. It helps me concentrate, release stress, motivate me and relax me. The Eagles “Take it Easy” is one of my faves.


All in all, it’s okay if you need help.

I know I did.

Professionals are there to help, guide and heal.

I cannot stress the importance of finding yourself someone who aligns with your own set of views and values. It makes all the difference in the healing process.

Whether it’s naturopathy, psychology, psychiatry, reiki, a GP, or a combination, find the right fit for you.

Take care of yourself; past, present, and future.

Until next time my beaut bifs,

Zoe xo


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